Undercover Parks Enforcement officers have been dispatched to Washington Square Park after a series of squirrel killings left all paws pointing to a pair of violent pups. One woman has been issued a summons for letting her dogs run without a leash, but squirrel lovers are crying blood. "They were being little squirrels, just scampering about and minding their own little squirrel business," Jane Rosen told the Daily News. "Then the four-legged terror approached and the woman did absolutely nothing. The dog was biting them, killing them."

According to another witness, "Even the chess guys and the drug dealers are outraged." They might even be mobilizing! Concerned citizens reportedly followed the woman back to her home and snapped a picture of her and her German shepherd and shepherd mix. The Parks Department says anyone who wounds an animal in a city park can face a $1,000 fine. And they'll have to suffer the crippling disappointment of countless tourists.