The former FDNY EMT convicted of sexually assaulting five victims—including an 11-year-old girl—will likely die in prison after being sentenced to 89 years in prison. Angus Pascall, 36, was convicted last month for the series of horrifying attacks, including one in which he used his FDNY master key to shut down an elevator and rape the 11-year-old. “You hurt my baby; you shattered my trusting existence, my normal life,” the girl’s mother told Pascall in court yesterday. “I would do anything to take the pain away from us.”

The attacks took place over the course of a decade. Pascall was finally caught and convicted in part due to DNA evidence that linked him to four of his victims. A fifth identified him by site and also wrote down his license plate number. “DNA, as they say, doesn’t lie,” Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Mark Dwyer said yesterday.

"As a parent you tell your child that you’ll always protect them,” the girl’s mother also said yesterday during her emotionally-charged statement. "Because of your actions, Mr. Pascall, I am now a liar to my daughter. I wasn’t there to protect her from the evil that is you." The Post reports that as Pascall walked into the courtroom clutching a Bible, the cousin of his youngest victim screamed, “Glad you found God, you motherf----r!”