The man who authorities referred to as "John Doe Duffle Bag" was convicted last month of killing three store owners in separate incidents. Now, 67-year-old Salvatore Perrone will die in prison, as a judge sentenced him to 75 years in prison.

In 2012, three owners of small Brooklyn clothing shops were killed: Mohamed Gebeli, 65, was killed in his store, Valentino Fashion in Bay Ridge, on July 6; Isaac Kadare, 59, was killed on August 2 at Amazing 99-cent Deals in Bensonhurst; and on November 16, Rahamatollah Vahidipourlast was killed at She-She Boutique in Flatbush. In each instance, the store owner was killed around closing time and had clothes scattered on him in an apparent effort to conceal the killing. After Vahidipourlast's death, police released a surveillance image of a man carrying a black duffle bag near the crime scene, which resulted in tips from people who said it looked like Perrone, a clothing sales man who lived in Staten Island.

Police brought Perrone in and found guns, including a .22-caliber rifle, and knives in his duffle bag. After his arrest, a neighbor said, "He’s always up to no good. He doesn’t want anybody to know where he’s going," while another described him as "obnoxious" but didn't think he could be a serial killer. Others called him "Son of Sal" which stuck with the tabloids.

Perrone, who, in spite of apparent mental issues, was found fit to stand trial, insisted he was set up and also had outbursts during the trial. But some of the evidence presented by prosecutors included testimony that his fingerprints and DNA were on the murder weapon as well as cell phone data and surveillance videos putting him near the second and third crime scenes.

Victim Gebeli's son told the Post that Perrone was "a piece of s-t. He’s horrible. I wish I could get my hands on him."

Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson said, "It's hard to think of anyone who deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison more than this cold-blooded and unrepentant serial killer. He murdered three innocent, honest and hard-working business owners and then spent years acting up in court to delay the fate he received today. I hope his life sentence will bring some comfort to the victims’ families who have suffered so much loss and grief."