A woman doing time for diamond theft in a North Carolina jail is suing her landlord so she can keep her rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan.

Dina R. Garfinkel filed a suit against her management company, Habitat II, for attempting to boot her out of her apartment while she's incarcerated in North Carolina.

Garfinkel was charged with defrauding diamond dealers all over the country, including in New York City. In 2007, she pleaded guilty to grand larceny for scamming a Diamond District jeweler out of $1.2 million while on probation for an earlier case. In 2014, she was sentenced to 41 months in prison on mail fraud charges for defrauding at least 12 jewelers across the country.

She would often use an alias to contact wholesalers located throughout the country and order jewels on consignment. According to court records, Garfinkel would initially make quick payments for the first orders she received, building rapport with the dealers before eventually scamming them out of additional merchandise. When the jewelers did receive payment, it was typically in the form of bad checks.

Garfinkel currently pays $1,599.31 for an apartment in Kips Bay, but the building management claims the 69-year-old woman is illegally subletting the apartment, citing that as grounds for her removal. Garfinkel has maintained that she isn't subletting—she has a roommate who is living in her apartment during her "'involuntary' absence," the Post reported.

Garfinkel says her landlord wants to throw her out of the building so they can "rent the premises...for double the monthly rent they now receive," court papers say.

"The person she sublet apartment to has been informed he needs to leave," a Habitat II official told the Post, while adding that if she needs to keep paying her rent if she wants to keep the apartment.