A Manhattan woman has been charged with fraud after marrying 10 different men over the course of 11 years, having not actually divorced several of her husbands before piling on more.

39-year-old Liana Barrientos claimed to never have been married when she tied the knot with one Salle Keita, which was quite the lie. She had in fact enjoyed nine weddings previously, the licenses for which were uncovered by a Bronx detective. Moreover, six of the damn things were issued over the span of just six months, the Daily News reports. HOW?

And of equal importance: Why? Authorities have not explained a motive for the multiple marriages, and information on the immigration statuses of her various husbands "is not available," according to the Times. The Department of Homeland Security did not reveal whether any of the men will face charges.

Barrientos was due to be arraigned this morning on two charges of filing a false instrument. It's unclear how many times she was married en route to the courthouse. ZING.