Photos from Saturday's robbery at the East Village Chase

The suspect in a number of bank robberiesinitially described as being a possible "albino"—was arrested last Friday after robbing two more banks and having dye explode on him.

According to the police, Dennis Nemirovskiy, 27, was arrested after two incidents on October 17. The first was a robbery at 9:50 a.m. at a TD Bank at 885 Sixth Avenue, where he allegedly demanded money from a teller. The teller gave him $190—and a dye pack—so that when he exited the bank, the dye pack exploded on him and stained his jacket.

Then, 30 minutes later, police say that Nemirovskiy went to an Investors Bank at 267 Fifth Avenue (just a few blocks from the TD Bank) and gave the teller a note, demanding money. From the NYPD:

The teller complied and handed the suspect $1,870. A witness observed the suspect fleeing into a yellow taxi cab and the taxicab's medallion number was provided to responding officers from the Midtown South Precinct. The officers broadcasted the suspect's description as well as the vehicle information over their police radio. Officers from the 17th Precinct canvassed the area located the taxicab and was informed by the driver that he had dropped the suspect off at East 28 Street and 1 Avenue (vicinity of Bellevue Hospital.) Responding officers located the suspect at that location and took him into custody without incident.

One of the tellers identified him, and NYPD Major Case Square investigators "canvassed the area and located the suspect's dye stained jacket inside of a trash can within Bellevue Hospital."

The Post says that Nemirovskiy is a methadone patient at Bellevue and had asked the cabbie to "wait outside while he went in and changed into a fresh button-down shirt and jeans."

Nemirovskiy was charged with five counts of third-degree robbery and criminal possession of stolen property. He does not appear to be an albino.