Hours after revealing they were looking for someone who set five fires in Queens, the NYPD arrested one Devon Page. The 22-year-old Queens resident was charged with arson.

All the fires were set on Sunday morning, the first being the torching of a SUV that happened to belong to former City Councilman Eric Gioia. Gioia, who doesn't think he was targeted, told WCBS 2 the fire outside his Sunnyside home was frightening, "We thought one of our kids had fallen out of bed, but it was such a loud sound we thought maybe our daughter in the top bunk fell out of bed. So I got up and looked in her room - she was still laying in bed. So I opened my son’s door - he’s ten months old - and I saw a huge fireball outside his window." Gioia jumped on top of the crib and "yelled to my wife to get the girls, and ran out of the house."

Police found other rubbish fires in the area.