Oh look out, scary Serena Williams went on one of her famous tirades today when she rolled her eyes after a reporter brought up her infamous 2009 U.S. meltdown! You'll recall that Williams blew her stack after a line judge made a call she disagreed with, yelling, "I swear to God, I'm f*ckin' takin' this ball and shovin' it in your f*ckin' throat… I swear to God." (The video has been pretty effectively suppressed by the USTA, but you can still watch it here.) She went on to lose the match and was fined $82,500 for what the Times described as "a shocking display of vitriol and profanity." But that's all ancient history!

At a U.S. Open press conference today, Williams was asked if she learned anything from the incident. "I don't know," she replied. "I don't think about it. Are you still thinking about it?" She then rolled her eyes, the LA Times reports, and added, "Oh my God. That was, like, two years ago. This is, like, two years later." Then another reporter asked Williams what she remembered from "that controversial episode," and she coyly replied, "You mean in the singles or doubles?"

Finally Williams declared, "I just remember I lost, and that was that. I got really popular. A lot of people were telling me they thought I was super cool, that they never saw me so intense. So, yeah, it was awesome." There's probably a lesson in here somewhere about not reinforcing bad behavior, but it's no doubt lost on anyone who can pay a $80K fine without breaking a sweat. At press time, it was unclear how much Williams would be fined for letting her intimidating eyes roll all over the terrified U.S. Open. press corps.