Why isn't this surprising? The trial of Milan Kovacevic, a SUNY Binghamton student who fled the U.S. for Serbia after beating a classmate into a coma, was postponed, because Kovacevic's lawyer was too busy with other cases to appear in court. Kovacevic is being tried in his native country after a deal brokered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that also gave beating victim Bryan Steinhauer $900,000. According to the AP, a "relaxed-looking" Kovacevic told a panel of judges, "I will not make any statement without the presence of my lawyer." Convenient!

Back in May 2008, Kovacevic—6'9" and 260 pounds—beat up Brooklynite Bryan Steinhauer, who is 5'6" and 135 pounds, mistakenly believing that Steinhauer groped a friend's girlfriend at a bar. Steinhauer's skull was fractured and his jaw and eye sockets were broken; he remained in a coma for three months and spent ensuing months in rehab. Kovacevic managed to leave the U.S. thanks to an emergency passport expedited by the Serbian deputy consul. The scandal caused the Serbian general consul to be fired and threatened relations between U.S. and Serbia.

Kovacevic's co-defendant, the deputy consul that helped him flee, didn't show up to the trial either. Today, Senator Charles Schumer said, "I am increasingly concerned that Serbian authorities, Mr. Kovacevic, and his attorneys are playing legal games to evade justice. This is why I always believed Kovacevic should be tried in the U.S.... I will be watching like [a] hawk to make sure that Kovacevic doesn't get a free pass and the Serbian legal system holds him accountable to the fullest extent of the law."