A college basketball player from Serbia is accepting a plea deal today that will get him a little over two years in prison in Serbia for beating a young man from Brooklyn into a coma in 2008. Miladin Kovacevic is accused of inflicting severe bodily harm with possible deadly consequences on Bryan Steinhauer of Brooklyn, during a barroom brawl near Binghamton University. The trial is happening in Serbia, where defendant Miladin Kovacevic lives, because he fled the United States—with the help of Serbian diplomats—shortly after the incident. Steinhauer's family is outraged over the plea deal.

"The [victim's] family thinks the sentence is far too lenient," the Steinhauers' lawyer, Irwin Rochman, tells the Post. "They're very disappointed in the results." And Senator Chuck Schumer, who wanted to cut off aid to Serbia because the country wouldn't extradite Kovacevic, says, "The punishment does not fit the crime. This was a dastardly deed that almost killed Bryan Steinhauer."

Kovacevic is also charged with obtaining the fake passport to flee the United States, which was allegedly provided by the diplomats, who also paid the $100,000 bail. The two diplomats are also on trial, and as part of the plea bargain, Kovacevic has agreed to testify against them. He would have faced up to eight years in prison, but instead faces two years and three months.