The NY State Senate has scheduled a hearing with the State Liquor Authority this September. While the Senate would have had a hearing anyway, since a new commissioner, Daniel Boyle, was appointed, the hearing will be weighted towards recent New York City bar and club incidents that have resulted in patrons' deaths. The Post reports that representatives from the Bloomberg administration will testify - we wonder if they'll come with their "quality of life" agenda (no smoking! no noise!) - as well as the NYPD. The head of the state's restaurant and tavern association, Scott Wexler, gives an very telling quote: "We share [State Senator Tom Spano's] concern with the growing incidents and believe it cries out for greater enforcement - perhaps even the tightening of restrictions on the granting of liquor licenses, which are too easy to get and too hard to lose...If licensees were more fearful of losing their licenses or weren't able to get a license in the first place, then these incidents would be less likely to happen."

And the State Liquor Authority just eased Sunday alcohol rules: Beers can now be purchased at 8AM, instead of 12PM, on Sundays, so bodegas will be taking those cardboard "barriers" off earlier.