Rainy Sept Ending

Jeanne is on its way out. Not before dumping a record 3.84 inches of rain on us. The total rainfall from the storm was just a tad higher. This beat out the 3.75 inch bath we got from Frances. Just think, if it was winter and cold enough, we could have 3+ feet of snow on the ground. But... we don't. Instead we have soggy ground and damp suspended subways.

Today calls for clearing skies as Jeanne moves out to sea and nice high ("hi!") pressure builds into our area. The NWS has issued a severe weather alert for high winds which could end up toppling the tress that are rooted in the soggy ground. Temps are perfect for the new season with highs not getting out of the 60's. Looking at the week ahead, it seems like our days of 80 degree weather are long gone for this year. Peace out.

So since we aren't likely to have more rain this month, thankfully, we look at the numbers.

Sept Normal:3.97in (we got that from Jeanne alone)
Sept Actual: 10.59 in (+6.62)
Sept Record: 16.85 back in 1882

We set daily precipitation records at Central Park, Newark, Bridgeport, LaGuardia, JFK, and Islip. All of the local observation areas, a sweep!

It's been a wetter than normal year yes, but mostly due to this past month of rain. And actually, we only had 7 days when it rained (technically 8 but we're opting not to count the .01 inch on 9/16). With a total of 41.95 inches for the year, we're almost 5 inches above normal, but the year total will likely be no record. If we hit our precipitation normals for the rest of the year, we'll end up at 54.11 inches for the year, a far cry from the 80.56 inches we had in 1983. Can anyone tell us approximately how much snow that would work out to?

That's enough numbers for now we think. 1..2..3..4... in September it certainly rained and poured.