Tomorrow will mark the third anniversary of the attacks on September 11th. The city announced their plans to commemorate the day last month, with the day beginning at 8:46AM (when the first plane struck the North Tower) with a moment of silence. Names will be read by parents and grandparents, and others will be able to lay flowers at the lowest level of the WTC site. Other moments of silence will follow at 9:03AM (when the second plane struck the South Tower), 9:59 AM (time of fall of the South Tower), and 10:29 AM (time of fall of the North Tower). The Post reports flooding from the midweek storm may limit access to the the lowest level of Ground Zero; the city has been working to pump water out in time for tomorrow's ceremony.

NY1 will have live coverage of the ceremony; they have also been examining what the status of the rebuilding is, lingering health issues, how WTC Memorial designer Michael Arad feels the weight of responsibility and much more. The NY Times also has their section on "Rebuilding Lower Manhattan", in addition to recent stories about the after effects of September 11; yesterday's story about different companies' and organizations' decisions about keeping an image of the World Trade Center did resonate with us, as we wonder about some storefronts and vans that still have the Twin Towers standing in their logo's sklyines. Also, check out the NY Times' A Nation Challenged section, which includes Portraits of Grief - profiles of victims.

Other September 11 resources:
- Gotham Gazette on the three years of rebuilding at Ground Zero
- The Smithsonian's collection of September 11 artifacts.

And a Tribute in Light will return. This photograph of the Tribute in Light test run is from Michael Sheppard of LoEnd.