Govenor Pataki and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation announced plans for interim September 11 memorials. There are two memorials: One at 120 Liberty Street, where construction has already begun on the Tribute Center, which will be a storefront and basement with an information desk and exhibits; the other is a Story Corps oral history booth to be set up at the World Trade Center Path station. Victims' families and other groups are relieved at the announcement, given that the plans for rebuilding the WTC have moved at a snail's pace, mired in bureaucracy, turf wars, and security concerns (check out The New Yorker's Paul Goldberger on Ground Zero development). The memorials will be up until 2009, or whenever the planned permanent memorials are supposed to be completed.

The NY Times notes that one feature of the Liberty Street Tribute Center will be giving official tours of Ground Zero and the events of September 11. And where was the Mayor? Traveling to Africa, to pitch the city's 2012 Olympics bid.

Rendering of the Tribute Center from BKSK Architects