Well, look at that. A few days after Caroline Giuliani was arrested for allegedly shoplifting at a Sephora store on the Upper East Side—store employees and a surveillance camera seemingly caught her in the act—the cosmetic chain may pursue justice yet against the 20-year-old Harvard student. Initially, Sephora declined to press charges against "America's Mayor"'s daughter, but now a police source tells the Daily News, "They realize it was a mistake for a store to hedge the way they did." Yeah, think about all the other famous people (or children of famous people) who might start shoplifting at Sephora stores!

The Manhattan's DA office will decide whether to move forward with the case. The News also reports, "Nearly 99% of all 11,022 petty larceny arrests in the borough were prosecuted last year, the DA's office said. Only 135 of all those cases were not pursued." A Legal Aid spokeswoman told the News, "The one thing that is unusual is that the store did not press charge. If you are comparing what happens to our clients, usually the store presses charges." Guilty pleas usually involved a fine and community service.

Giuliani, who allegedly stashed $100 in items in her pockets, was found with $300 on her. Her brother, golf enthusiast Andrew, said, "I have full faith in her. She is an extremely hard worker and extremely intelligent."