With the opening day just moments away, it's time to look at the new Yankee Stadium's striking resemblance to another building. Yes, the new House That Jeter (And Lots of Money, Much In Tax-Free Bonds) Built looks a lot like the Federal Reserve's headquarters in D.C.—the Eccles building was designed in 1935, by Paul Philippe Cret (it was considered a "a daringly modernist interpretation of the Beaux-Arts style and has become a noted part of American architectural history," according to the Fed).

Two weeks ago, the NY Times' architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff wrote that the new Yankee Stadium "is the kind of stoic, self-conscious monument to history that befits the most successful franchise in American sports" and is "straightforward, paint-by-numbers architecture." Either way, George Steinbrenner will be there, according to Newsday. Jesse Jackson, who saw the stadium earlier this month, "It's done in true George Steinbrenner style. It's first-class, over-the-top, no concern for expense and bust through the budget for comfort."

MLB.com is offering free streaming video of Yankee Stadium's unveiling. CC Sabathia is the starting pitcher against Cleveland's Cliff Lee.