2007_04_bullets.jpgSome Brooklyn residents and business owners are wondering if the nice weather means it's the "start of crazy time" given yesterday's two daytime shootings in Brooklyn. One incident occurred around noon near PS 256 - the Post reports that over 200 kids were outside during recess when a drive-by shooting took place at Marcy and Lafayette avenues - which is also near a park. Someone in a "light-colored sedan" fired at a Ford Explorer, killing the driver, 21-year-old Isaiah Jacob. The passenger, who was shot twice and is in serious condition, had escaped the Ford "before it sped down the block and smashed into a parked car."

Meanwhile, on St. John's Place, two men delivering beer and soda to a deli were caught in the crossfire as someone from a gray sedan firrd shots at Alex White, who was walking on the street. The shooting happened near FDNY Battalion 38 where White asked for help. Battalion Chief Kevin Byrnes told the Daily News, "We heard the gunfire. I've been here long enough to know to wait until the shooting stops before I go out. The young fellows, you have to hold 'em back." One of the deliverymen, Richard Ramlal, was shot in the leg, while White is in critical condition.

And a Kansas TV station has refused to air the ad backed by Mayor Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which asks Congress to repeal the Tiahrt amendment. You can see it here and the CBS affiliate says, "This is issue advertising, where the station is responsible for the truth or fairness of the ad, unlike political advertising, where the politicians can pretty much say what they want." According to 1010 WINS, Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler responded by saying that KCWH's non-airing "raises real questions about the objectivity of this news organization that they would deprive their viewers from hearing from over 200 mayors and dozens of American law enforcement organizations.''