After being banished from prom for eating weed brownies on a field trip, a group of Fieldston high school seniors got their own private prom on a yacht sponsored by their parents. "One of the parents ordered a yacht for them," a former student told the NY Press. "It's a pretty cool alternative." Yes, if there's anything that enhances three hours of Cee Lo and sweaty palms it's doing it AT SEA. Things must have gotten crazy, because on now-deleted Facebook photo albums the group referred to themselves as "Yachtingtons."

Around 15 Fieldstoners (Yeah, baby! *shotguns beer*) admitted to eating brownies laced with the relatively harmless substance on an overnight trip to a YMCA summer camp in New Jersey in April. According to Business Insider, Ethical Culture Fieldston School is the 11th most expensive private high school in the country, and the #1 most likely to have parents of students that say "We pay $37,825 a year and they go to the fucking Y?"

Several students say that the school had a list of "the kids we know who did it," and demanded that they come forward and accept the punishment of a life without prom, lest they contact their colleges or refuse them the privilege of "walking" to graduate. Anyone who has "walked" at their high school graduations knows that it's something they cherish every day for the rest of their lives.

"I think the school was more or less fair about it,” a student says. “[They said,] ‘We’re not gonna ruin your future, but there will be consequences if you go against our rules.’” Thankfully, no one ended up being disciplined, which sends a forceful message to 2013 seniors: don't eat pot brownies on a field trip, or you might have to party on a yacht.