With high school graduations quickly approaching, it’s time for the annual day where 17-year-olds look back on their twelve-plus years of free education and ditch any tender moments of gratitude or nostalgia in lieu of creating pure chaos: Senior Prank Day. Yesterday in Queens, Richmond Hill High School's pranks turned into a riot with ten students arrested and the school put on lockdown—all before 10 a.m. The arrests were spurred on when authorities arrived in response to a fire alarm students had pulled. On top of that, the Post reports that departing seniors "threw baby powder, oil, food, paint, barbecue sauce and eggs all over the school's second floor, causing a panic." Windows were broken and computers damaged. One student gave the paper a familiar story: "It was supposed to be a powder fight, but people started showing up with eggs and rice and bananas and shaving cream. It was supposed to be something minor." The ten students were charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.