Yikes: A 92 year-old woman was impaled on faucet for around six hours before being saved. Harlem resident Thelma Riley had slipped while taking a shower and, somehow, a faucet got stuck in her lower back. The Daily News says that even though she was yelling for help and banging on the walls, neighbors thought it was a plumber doing work; finally, two neighbors entered her apartment. Luckily, Riley was still conscious when found. Firefighters had to use a bolt cutters to remove the faucet from the wall, which stayed in Riley's back until it was removed at the hospital. Riley is in stable condition. Now, Gothamist has never been a huge advocate of phones in bathrooms, mainly because we don't want our friends to be on the phone in bathroooms, but now we understand why some people hang their cellphones around their neck, like a lifeline. But we're going to go out and buy more of those slip-stopper things for the bathtub right now.