2005_10_fakeu2.jpgWow, Apple puts U2 on an iPod and all of a sudden, U.S. politicans want a piece of the Irishmen! The New York Times says that the globally conscious band is "distancing" itself from campaign fundraising, as Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Rick Santorum are both planning fundraising events tied to U2 concerts. According to the article, in response to a report from NewsMax about Bono "teaming up" with Santorum, Bono's Debt AIDS Trade Africa group issued a statement saying U2 wasn't connected to any political fundraising events. Even if the fundraiser's husband is a fellow ubersexual? (For the record, Gothamist hates the term "ubersexual" - we're sticking with "a man's man.") While Gothamist understands that U2 would be attractive to politicians because Bono has become an eloquent spokesperson on behalf of many issues, but we wonder why there aren't any American bands that good enough? Surely, there must be an indie rock band with the right kind of convictions that the senators could try to associate themselves with!

Gothamist wonders if politicians have contacted Improv Everywhere to have the Fake Bono, Fake The Edge, Fake Adam Clayton, and Fake Larry Mullen, because if you can have a real The Edge, then you might as well as have a Korean one.