Today, the NY Times has two articles about the Senate race this fall, and Gothamist must admit, we forgot that Senator Charles Schumer, Park Slope resident, was up for reelection until we saw his current TV commercials. The NY Times reports that a Quinnipiac poll shows Schumer's Republican opponent, an Orange County Assemblyman named Howard Mills, trailing 13% to Schumer's 63%, reinforcing the "somnolent" in the article's headline, "First Schumer TV Ad Appears in a Somnolent Senate Race." Honestly, who knew? The last time New Yorkers were treated to a Senate race, it was the particularly intense fight between Hillary Clinton and Rick Lazio (who is now a footnote in NY politics - "Who ran against Hillary Clinton when Rudy Giuliani announced he had cancer and couldn't run?") in 2000. Since then, we've had to deal with a new President, September 11, a new NYC mayor, the economy, the Iraqi conflict, the world pretty much hating us, reality TV, and the Republican Convention. Gothamist thinks we'd be more engaged if the issues put out there were more interesting, but Schumer done a fairly decent job so far. One this we're thankful for: His admission he's "not a spandex kind of guy" when riding his bike.

Websites for Senator Charles Schumer and Assembly Howard Mills. Clyde Haberman on the Senate race. And New Yorkers, you have until this Friday to register to vote. Do it!