2004_10_politicsvoting.jpgNew York's Junior Senator, Hillary Clinton, joined other Democrats yesterday in calling for a national holiday on Election Day to encourage voting. They are calling it the "Count Every Vote Act," which would do more than just make Election Day a day off. The act would provide verified paper ballots for votes cast on electronic machines, authorize additional monies for voting equipment, and allow ex-felons to vote. All by 2006. Gothamist can certainly get behind some of these changes as having every vote counted is pretty important. Especially as elections seem to be getting more and more contentious and electronic balloting is coming onto the scene.

But national holiday for voting? We're wondering if this would actually make voter turnout even lower as people would take Monday and Tuesday off for a nice four day weekend.

Speaking of long weekends, do people have plans for President's Day? Or are most people out there working?