According to Reuters, "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced an agreement with Republicans to vote on Thursday on the popular 'cash for clunkers' auto sales incentive bill." The program, funded with $1 billion to offer people $3,500-4,500 to trade in gas guzzlers and buy more efficient vehicles, ran out of money in days (and spurred auto sales), prompting the government to put together another infusion. However, in some areas, clunkers are all people can afford: A Bronx car dealer told NY1, "People do come and say, 'I got $2,000 and what can you do for me? What car do you have in that range?" while the recent purchaser of a used SUV explained, "It was more convenient for me and it fit into my budget. I can't afford a new car. I can't. Not in this economy. I can't."