Though canvassing is still being done in Virginia in the Senate race between Republican incumbent George Allen and Democrat challenger Jim Webb, the AP and other news organizations named Webb the winner, with his narrow margin of 7,000 votes over Allen. And the Democrats seized that news excitedly. The NY Times reports Senator Charles Schumer, who headed the Democratic campaign to take back Senate seats, as saying,"It is virtually 100 percent that Webb is going to win the race. I think you can say without any hesitancy or doubt that Democrats are going to be the majority party in the Senate."

President Bush told reporters that the Democrats' Election Day success "was a thumpin'". Yes, it certainly was - especially with yesterday's resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. And you have to wonder how the elections might have turned out had Rumsfeld resigned earlier. The President said the move was in the works for at least a few days before the election and that he didn't "want to inject a major decision about this war in the final days of a campaign." Well, you don't have to wonder - but the GOP probably does.

2006_11_schumer1.jpgIt's a sweet moment of Brooklyn's own Senator Schumer, whose moments in the sun usually get eclipsed by Hillary Clinton. He told reporters, "The president called and said jokingly, 'I wish you were on my team.'" As for the Virginia race, some sources say that Allen "has no intention of dragging this out" and may concede this afternoon or evening if the margin of votes does not change.

Editorials around the region: The NY Times has an editorial about the Democrats taking control of the House: "The House Democrats are perfectly capable of replicating the Republicans’ fall from grace. " Newsday adds that the "change in the House majority was more a rejection of Republicans than an embrace of Democrats." The Post says W is listening to voters and the Sun talks about why the Republicans lost.

Photograph of Richmond City Board of Elections election canvasser Clement Woodward by Steve Helber/AP; photograph of post-Election Day Senator Schumer by Dennis Cook/AP