Yesterday, the NY State GOP ended its "disastrous" convention by voting on candidates to challenge Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Bruce Blakeman, a Nassau County lawyer (and ex-husband of Paul McCartney's squeeze) got most of the votes, but former Bear Stearns economist David Malpass got enough votes for there to be a Republican primary this fall.

Former Congressman Joe DioGuardi, dad of American Idol judge Kara and the Conservative Party's choice, didn't make the cut but plans to petition his way onto the ballot. The Daily News says this "sets up a likely GOP slapdown... The prospect of a contentious - and expensive - Senate primary is exactly what some GOP leaders were hoping to avoid." But GOP chair Ed Cox reminded members, "These are great candidates, and we know they know who the enemy is: It's not each other; it's Senator Gillibrand and Senator Schumer."

We hope Blakeman uses a talking dog in his ads again.