According to his family, Libyan Lockerbie bomber and murderer of 246 people Abdel Basset al-Megrahi is really really sick and can't come out to play or face extradition. Sure, he's been on death's door before, only to miraculously stop acting keep living to ensure safe passage from Scotland to Libya in exchange for sweet sweet oil. But Senator Chuck Schumer tells the Daily News that he isn't buying it this time: "We're going to need a lot more verification than the word of local Libyan officials."

A CNN interviewer recently found al-Megrahi lifeless and unresponsive, with an "oxygen mask on his face... the drip hanging a foot from his head. His skin seemed paper-thin, his face sallow and sunken." True, but we've seen this sort of behavior from Christian Bale.

With former Dictator-for-Life Moammar Gadhafi out of the picture, al-Megrahi's "pricey doctors" are no longer treating him, and Schumer points out, "There is no justifiable basis for the rebels' decision to shield this convicted terrorist." No justifiable reason except to assert the independence we helped them achieve.