Craigslist is great for a lot of things- selling a TV, looking for an apartment, browsing for a new job, or trying to track down that hot girl or guy you saw on the 6 train. However, it is not without its problems. For one, lots of the listings get clogged with crap, and its hard to know who is a reputable seller and who is a scammer. For another, its hard to sell services. Say you are a top-notch web-designer, or the greatest masseuse in Williamsburg; if you wanted to sell yourself on Craigslist, you'd have to enter a new listing every couple of days, and hope people saw it before it got knocked off the page by people selling other stuff.


Brooklyn residents Laura Holder and Chris Larsen seem to have solved these problems with their new Daylo site. Basically it allows you to create a profile and offer services on a recurring basis. They've combined this with a feedback system, so you know which buyers and sellers are good, and which ones are not. You can browse profiles (if you are looking for services) or requests (if you are a service provider), and everything is organized by zip-code, so it's pretty easy to find people close to where you live or work. The best part is that Daylo was founded right here in NYC, so there are tons of local listings on the site already. Check it out today.