The New York Knicks have the third-worst record in basketball, but perhaps the best record in finding and inflicting new depths of pain on their fans. On Wednesday night at the Garden, the Knicks were enduring the last 49 seconds of a double-digit loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, when Grizzly forward Jae Crowder stole the ball and put up a 3-point shot. Knicks guard Elfrid Payton shoved Crowder as the shot went up, and a scuffle broke out on the court.

“I just had problem with the last shot,” Payton told the Post. “It had nothing to do with how the game went. You just don’t do that. [Crowder] knows better than that [to take the shot]. And you know what comes with that.’’

Knicks forward Marcus Morris, who was also in the mix, gave a misogynistic explanation for his feelings toward Crowder: "I think dude is just, he plays the game a different way. A lot of female tendencies on the court...Flopping, throwing his head back the entire game. It’s a man’s game and you just get tired of it at the end of the day."

Payton, Morris and Crowder were all ejected from the game, which ended shortly after. Morris, who earlier in the season was ejected for hitting a Wizards player in the head with the ball, later tweeted an apology.

After the fight, the crowd erupted into an aspirational chant.

Billionaire Knicks owner and rhythm and blues sensation James Dolan pointed at a teenage fan nearby who was chanting the forbidden words, but it's not clear if the fan was spoken to, as others have been.

There's always next year. Besides, Dolan's got one winning streak to be proud of: Madison Square Garden hasn't paid property taxes in 37 years, at the cost of $555 million to city taxpayers.

Of course, the City Council could choose to evict MSG in 2023, when the arena's operating permit is up for renewal. But surely the council will remember these nights fondly, and think better of it.