2005_09_queenscoll.jpgWhat havoc the Internet can wreak: A CUNY law student was Googling herself when she found two files of her law school classmates with loans, with details like their Social Security number, how much their loan was, and their direct deposit bank information. The woman, who was at the school library when making this discovery, told Newsday she screamed, "I was shocked, I was outraged. People have access to our names. Lord knows what they have by now. I'm worried about my safety and my credit. In no way, shape or form should this have happened, and it's been on Google, of all places, for the world to see." CUNY, for its part, claims that it was human error that "placed the file outside a protected firewall" and says they are working with students to keep their information protected, not mention taking the file down, but as many of us know, there are cached files. No word on whether CUNY/Queens College have contacted Google about the problem, but students are upset.