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In yet another example of why you should never use Instagram to show the world what a great time you're having, Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss, fashion designer and ex-girlfriend of Jerry Seinfeld, was victimized by thieves who made off with one million dollars of jewelry while she was away on vacation.

According to the New York Post, thieves cracked open a safe in Gruss's Lenox Hill apartment, presumably after breaking into the house through a door on the roof. Police are still looking into what the deal is regarding who exactly broke in.

That the thieves might have been tipped off to Gruss being away thanks to her Instagram feed is a nice throwback to 2009, when the Bling Ring was running wild in Hollywood and knew when to break into celebrities' homes thanks to keeping up with their social media feeds. And while this is a cautionary tale against exposing all the cool times we're having to the all-seeing eye lest we come home to find our valuable stuff stolen, the odds are probably pretty good that Gruss's thieves will do themselves in when they Snapchat all the jewelry they scored.

The most important home security tip is to make sure your wacky neighbor remembers to close your apartment door.