There's a NY Times article about how Segways are being used by the disabled to get around - though the FDA and other healthy agencies haven't officially called it a device for the disabled - Gothamist noticed an interesting quote about Segways in NYC:

In New York City, the Segway falls into a gray area, said Councilman John C. Liu, a Queens Democrat who is chairman of the Transportation Committee. Mr. Liu said that a rider using one in public could get a ticket, because state law prohibits motorized vehicles - except those like wheelchairs and three- and four-wheeled scooters for the disabled - on sidewalks. Still, "I think certainly that ticket would be contestable," he said.

Oh, the Segway, from strange darling of 2003 to strange footnote. Gothamist thought there would be more Segways in the city by now, because in a city that loves its $15 martini, why not by a $3000 toy. But maybe getting ticketed is too much for some Segway owners to think about - yet we don't remember seeing the police on Segways during the Republican National Convention, just those hot Italian motorbikes.

Learn more about the Segway. Also learn about arguing your desk appearance ticket (aka DAT) from the People's Law Collective and a law firm. Gothamist on riding a segway in the city. And Kansas Congressman Dennis Moore has a picture with Segway inventor Dean Kamen; Congress was looking into using Segways for police beats and postal delivery.