2003_8_mars.jpgMars will be closer than ever tomorrow. Usually 166 million miles away, on Wednesday, Mars will be just 35 million miles away. And that does mean New Yorkers can see the red planet. Michael O'Gara, Amateur Astronomers Association of NY President tells the Daily News, "If you want to find Mars, look over Brooklyn. It will be really an incredible sight, like a very big, very bright peach star." The Daily News further explains: It will be shine the brightest after the moon, and won't twinkle like a star. Just look southeast, away from a place with buildings and trees.

Optimal viewing time is 5:51AM. Space.com also says contrary to rumor, there will be no collision between Earth and Mars. And keep in mind, if you miss it, the next time to see Mars so close will be August 28, 2287