2006_05_stripclub.jpgThere's a rather wild NY Times article about how the Sunset Park strip club, Sweet Cherry, has managed to stay open, despite repeated attempts from the city to shut it down - it's like the Teflon Cherry. And these days, more and more strip clubs may have to shut down, due to proposed changes to the zoning law - the Times has a graphic of 21 strip clubs in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, including Scores. But Sweet Cherry has been able to stay open and probably will after the zoning laws, in spite of "two civil actions by the Police Department, voluminous criminal charges and neighborhood protests." Incidents include drug sales, an off-duty police officer getting stabbed outside, hiring an underage dancer (who said she had been raped), being called a house of prostitution and dancers attacking each other (!). The neighborhood, naturally, has been pretty upset that the club has managed to stay open, with the area full of churches and ripe for redevelopment.

Sweet Cherry has been in the news lately because bouncer Stephen Sakai, accused of killing one and injuring three others in a Chelsea club shoot out, has been connected to the murder of a Sweet Cherry manager.