Press coverage of Donald J. Trump is more plentiful than oxygen these days. There are the meticulous deep dives into his business ventures and money-handling that raise questions about how a man who exploits wage workers, avoids taxes, and fudges his charitable giving might flex his power in the Oval Office. Then there's the upswell of allegations from women who say Trump sexually abused them, bolstered by the steady flow of misogyny he's spewed behind closed doors and in public. There's the constant fact checking of his denials, the analyses of his supporters, and the dissection of those swing state people who might vote for him but still aren't sure. And don't forget the debate over "bigly."

Amid all this, a constant, thrumming, election coverage hangover is inevitable. (That aching behind your eye sockets, right?) So with less than 15 days (15 days!!) until the election, the NY Times has brought us a palate cleanser of sorts. Not a break from the Trump news, but a distillation of it. Perhaps, the ultimate Trump coverage: a very long list, printed on dead trees, of every person, place and thing The Donald has insulted on Twitter since he declared his candidacy way back when we could laugh about all this.

The NY Times has kept a running list online for some time now—China ("Terrible!"), New Jersey ("deeply troubled"), Alec Baldwin ("portrayal stinks")—but there's something more physically arresting about dragging your ink-smudged pointer finger down the rows (and rows, and rows). Maybe walk over to the bodega and pick up a copy of this one for your bemused grandkids.