When new renderings of a rehabilitated LaGuardia were published this morning, it was like someone replaced our sweat-stained neck pillow with the Sydney Opera House. These bad boys really put the "render" in renderings. Natural light instead of fluorescent oppression! People who are calmly walking to their gates! But the lack of smell lines in these drawings should have tipped us off: LaGuardia is never, ever going to look like this.

That is because the firm that made the drawings and the consortium promoting them, the Global Gateway Alliance, aren't in the running to win the bid to complete the $2.5 billion renovation. These groups are, except for Aerostar New York Holdings, which was disqualified last week. The Post's decision to publish these publicity tools without noting that they are nothing but a cruel fantasy presumably rested on a central tenet of internet journalism: "Telling the truth kills virality."

At 1.3 million square feet, the new LaGuardia will more than a third bigger than its current, hyper-repulsive form. As lurid (and inaccessible) as LGA is now, try and imagine it during construction: the renovation is supposed to be partially complete in 2017 and mostly finished by 2019.