Adam "Anti-Semitic Elmo" Sandler is at it again! After getting quite a bit of press for harassing tourists in Central Park earlier this summer we hadn't heard much about from the hate-filled Elmo impersonator. But just because we haven't heard much about him doesn't mean he hasn't been out and about, spewing hate. In fact, he was arrested again yesterday.

Sandler—who changed his first name to Adam after he got in trouble for running a bondage porn site in Cambodia called "Welcome To Rape Camp"—was picked up by the police at 1514 Broadway just before 5 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon. According to the NYPD he was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. And the disorderly conduct part we don't doubt, as passersby reported he was spewing his standard "filthy Jews" bit. But on the plus side?The whole thing did allow for this to happen:

Still, for a taste of what Sandler's been up to here's a video of his recent Times Square shenanigans. Poor Minnie Mouse and Papa Smurf just keep on walking, pretending nothing is going on:

Finally, in case you were curious? The Sesame Street Workshop still doesn't condone unauthorized representations of their characters.