nypdtaxi.jpgIt appears that Judith Nathan, the current Mrs. Giuliani, may have been enjoying taxpayer-funded car service provided by the police while her affair with former Mayor Giuliani was unknown. Giuliani's admitted that he gave his girlfriend a security detail once their relationship became public because of possible threats against her, but it appears that Nathan was enjoying New York's Finest as a taxi service months before anyone even knew the two were involved with each other.

According to the Daily News, who talked to one of her former neighbors on the Upper East Side, Nathan was often seen hopping in and out of unmarked police cars. According to a law enforcement source, Nathan had as many as seven detectives assigned to her and not only did they drive her around, they acted as personal valets.

"If she had to go shopping, errands, that's where you went," the source said.

Other residents at the building said they often saw Nathan coming and going with two well-dressed drivers, who occasionally toted her packages.

"She was always coming back with shopping bags from the different well-known stores in New York," said Jacqueline Elman, a building resident for 12 years who walked her dog regularly and often spotted Nathan, who became the third Mrs. Giuliani in 2003.

The "protection" allegedly began in 1999, even before the mayor sprang the news to his wife Donna Hanover that they were separating via a press conference.

Aides to Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani insist that Nathan was the subject of threats, although no information about the nature or source of the threats has been revealed, let alone how Nathan could become a target before her relationship with the Mayor was made public. When questioned about the matter at a public appearance in Chicago yesterday, Giuliani answered "Thank you. Good night." Rudy is characterizing "Travelgate" as a typical political hitjob. We're sure he hopes the Secret Service can be a little more discreet in the future.