Increased security during the trials of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four other suspected 9/11 plotters will cost more than $200 million per year, according to the Bloomberg administration. The figure comes from a letter that Mayor Bloomberg sent to the director of the nation's Office of Management and Budget that outlines the anticipated security expenses and requests full federal reimbursement, the Times reports.

For the first year, security operations would cost about $216 million, followed by $206 million in subsequent years, the paper notes. The bulk of that money would be spent on personnel, but $12.5 million for the first year and $2.5 million in subsequent years would be spent on equipment. Bloomberg insisted that the federal government must "shoulder the significant costs we will incur" from the planned security uptick, which he described as being "around the clock over a period of years."

In an attempt to prove that the estimates "are real and not the result of any expectation that we will receive a 'blank check,'" the Mayor evoked the $50 million that was spent on security during the 2004 Republican National Convention. The Times notes it's unclear how the cost of securing the terror trials would be just four times as much as the GOP forum, which lasted less than a week.