2007_01_flyclear.jpgAttention, frequent fliers: Terminal 7 at JFK Airport will get the area's first security express lane.

For $100 a year, private company Clear Registered Traveler prescreens you and lets you zip through security quickly. After your boarding pass matches your government ID and special "Clear Card," you put your Clear Card in a kiosk which will then scan a fingerprint or your iris. You will also be scanned for explosives, but the process is supposed to be very quick (though you still need to take off your shoes - the TSA hasn't approved the shoe scanning device for Kennedy yet).

Clear says that membership will be "continuously reviewed" but the underlying theory is "someone who is screened in advance is less likely to be a threat than someone who isn't." Clear has lanes at three other airports - Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Indianapolis International Airport and San José Mineta International Airport - and its CEO Steven Brill, yes, that Steven Brill,

When Clear is offered in more airports, it'll probably be a big hit with business travelers. Of course, this is sort of "whatever" after reading Kathryn Harrison's Times Op-Ed piece about being able to open a gate door to the airplane, setting off an alarm but no one notices, and being able to get on the empty plane (she was looking for her wallet) - all without anyone seeing her or really caring. At Newark Airport.