2005_04_illegalloft.jpgGothamist totally ate up the Saturday NY Times story about tracking down lofts illegally converted from industrial uses in Brooklyn, especially since the article was titled, "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Loft." We could totally see Nancy Drew coming from, well, maybe Riverside Heights or Riverdale Heights, taking the G train instead of her sporty blue convertible (and her dad, Carson Drew, would be a DA or something), with perfect blonde highlights. Anyway, people who work for New York Industrial Retention Network scope out various warehouse buildings, looking for telltale signs of people illegally living in the buildings. [In fact, perhaps as a way to appeal to blue collar workers, the Bloomberg administration has made keeping industrial areas in Brooklyn one of its initiatives.] Here are a couple clues that tip-off the NYIRN to illegal tenants:

- Tenant listings on the door (Note to hipsters: Incorporate yourselves so you can add the "LLC" after your last name)
- Bringing groceries into warehouse type buildings (Claim it's your office and you're getting ready for an office party...on Saturday night)
- People bringing in a dog (Claim it's the office mascot!)
- Curtains and plants in the windows (Plants create oxygen, which is nice for "office workers" to breathe...and the cute flowered curtains are because it gets really sunny in the afternoon!)

Are there any other clues, besides a laundry bag full of bedsheets or people staggering out at 4AM, you can think of?

There's a parody sequel to Nancy Drew books by Chelsea Cain called Confessions of a Teen Sleuth (in it, Nancy totally married Ned Nickerson!). And where many sublets in illegally converted lofts can most likely be found: The New York City housing listings on craigslist. And Curbed's entries on the Williamsburg/Greenpoint and DUMBO areas.