2007_08_chuckschumer.jpgNew York's senior Senator Chuck Schumer is known for his ubiquity on the talk show circuit, fighting for New York's share of federal dollars and the occasional tour de Brooklyn. He is also credited with helping the Democrats win back the Senate last year. So it's all very interesting that he told NY1's Inside City Hall that he'd be open to serving in a cabinet position, if a Democrat wins the presidency in 2008. But he clarified:

"Well I really focus on what I am doing. I enjoy being senator. I hope more importantly than that, I am effective for the people of New York and the people of this country. I've been a legislator my whole life and I've never really been looking for the next job."

But we bet he wouldn't mind giving up rooming with Senator Dick Durbin and Congressman Bill Delahunt and George Miller when he lives in DC.

Schumer's latest crusade: To make Countrywide stop its brokers from steering borrowers into risky subprime loans. Brokers currently get higher commissions if they do.