2008_11_hclins.jpgWhen someone has a secret meeting with the President-elect, naturally there will be speculation about what might have been discussed. And when that person is Hillary Clinton, it adds to up Secretary of State talk.

Of course it helps when President-elect Barack Obama's advisers are doing the gossiping: Per the Daily News, they "told NBC, ABC and CNN last night their boss is considering putting Hillary Clinton in charge of the nation's foreign policy as secretary of state." However, a Clinton adviser claimed it was for "personal business"--like how a career change can be personal business?

While names like John Kerry and Chuck Hagel are also being mentioned for the job, political strategist Michael McKenna told the Post that Clinton has "a better than average Rolodex" and "the ability to leverage Bill and the residual good will toward him." Politico notes that this could give Obama a "Team of Rivals," the way Abraham Lincoln had dissenting voices and opponents in his cabinet.

Today, Clinton was speaking at a public transit conference in Albany, where she said, "I’m not going to speak or address anything about the president-elect and his administration." But let's rewind to Monday night, when at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, she referred to fellow honoree and current Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during her remarks, "Whether it's standing up for women who have been denied their rights or being the secretary of state and carrying the burden of that office, there are so many ways each of us can make a difference."