Train to relaxThe Post decides to tell the public about the special, brand new Metro-North train parked under the Waldorf Astoria as an emergency getaway train:

- The platform - identified as Track 61 on Grand Central Terminal blueprints - can be directly accessed from inside the posh hotel in the event of an emergency.
- A 6-foot-wide freight elevator and stairway also connects the subterranean platform to a brass-sheathed door located on street level at 101-121 E. 49th St. under a sign that reads, "Metro-North Fire Exit."
- The nondescript door is adjacent to the Waldorf's garage, which was filled with police cars and other escort vehicles from the president's motorcade - another escape option in the event of an emergency.
- In the event of a security breach, Bush and other leaders could have boarded the train, which could then have sped off to a secure location.

The Dubya Express! Apparently, this is not some sort of security breach, but it sure feels like one, as now high on our to-do list is "Get hold of Grand Central blueprints."