The hipster Chukar Partridge trying to score a decent lengua taco in Greenpoint yesterday has been spotted before!

Heather over at New York Shitty forwarded us an email from a tipster:

I saw this bird on Oak & West a week ago, it looked terrified and seems to be more intelligent than the average bird. A livery driver tried to help me corner it but it flew off just as we got to it. I have a feeling it doesn't fly too well though, which is why it doesn't seem to have gone far. I think it was probably someone's pet or kept in someone's yard for for future food. It's probably not doing so well after a week outside.

Was this bird reading Proust on the L Train too? The tipster notes (as we neglected to yesterday) that the Chukar should be taken to a shelter like the Wild Bird Fund or Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn. But how?

We spoke to a worker at Sean Casey, who noted that those who spot the bird can nab it with a cardboard box, a butterfly net, or even a towel or a blanket. "It won't hurt you, it'll squirm around a little bit, but it may be difficult because they do have flight." The worker, who asked not to be named, guessed that the Chukar escaped from a slaughterhouse: "They're raised domestically for the table."

Uh-oh. Maybe this bird should just grow a beard and squat in the Domino factory?