The coyotes have struck again in Rye, NY! Days after a pair of coyotes bite a 6-year-old girl playing in her Rye, NY front lawn, a coyote attacked a 3-year-old in her yard. According to WPIX, "The home abuts the Rye Nature Center, a 47-acre parcel of woodlands where coyotes are suspected of living. The coyote may have jumped from nature center property through a break in the home's fence to carry out the attack Tuesday night at around 7:30."

The little girl suffered non-life-threatening bites to the neck and was taken to a hospital. A neighbor told WABC 7, "We're just a nervous wreck around here. I have two children myself, and I live in an area near the marshlands, and they've been in my neighborhood and it's nerve-wracking." Police Chief William Connors, who said police had been patrolling the area for coyotes and responded to the attack within one minute, emphasized, "This is clearly escalated behavior. We are urging caution, and in particular, we urge residents to pay particular attention to children."

According to the Journal News, "wildlife experts said the coyotes that attacked Emily [Hodulik on Saturday night] were likely too young to know they shouldn't have been hunting for food in a backyard full of humans." NY State Department of Environmental Conservation wildlife biologist Kevin Clarke said, "When they go on feeding forays, coyotes are extremely opportunistic. If they see a cat, they'll take it. Or a dog. With a small child, they don't know if it's prey or not. Their parents might not go after a pack of kids, but you know how juveniles are, they don't always do what they've been taught."

While there are over two dozen cops (from Rye, Harrison and county) on coyote detail, Rye City Manager Scott Pickup isn't about to recruit humans to help, "We're a pretty suburban area. To coordinate 20 or 30 people with weapons, we're fearful of what could happen. That would be a delicate situation. It's not something we would entertain." And he added, "I don't want a guy who is a hunting enthusiast to track coyotes tonight."