This weekend, we learned that a Queens principal has been removed from her position after she was accused of having sex with a guard and an assistant professor (both allegedly IN school), as well as a student's parent. Annie Schmutz Seifullah, 35, was removed from the 7th-12th-grade Robert Wagner Secondary School of Arts and Technology in Long Island City last week. And now, the Bronx assistant principal she allegedly had sex with in her school has also been removed from his position.

Dany Velazquez has been removed as assistant principal at PS 5 amid new raunchy text messages between him and Seifullah, which were released by a student's father who had been dating Seifullah from last year until recently. He described them to the Post, including one in which Velazquez allegedly wrote, "Next time I want to f-k you in the office," and she responded, "First you have to [perform oral sex]."

That father, whose name hasn't been released, came forward because he felt she "played me for a fool" and cheated on him: "Ms. Seifullah clearly used her power and position as principal several sexual partners at her school," he said. Besides providing the DOE with school computers that contained multiple photos and videos of Seifullah engaging in sex acts, the father also allegedly gave them audio of Seifullah admitting she engaged in oral sex with an NYPD school-safety agent in the school security office, and with Velazquez in a book-storage room during school hours.

Seifullah, who denied having sex inside the school, defended herself today, telling the Post that the father is throwing her under a bus to try to jumpstart his reality TV career. "I thought he loved me and that he was protecting me," she told them. She said the father became enraged when he found the text messages between her and Velazquez, and threatened to expose her if she didn't pay him.

She claims she gave him $18,000 to pay for rent and child support for his kids. "I considered going to authorities and lawyers about everything, but I was just so afraid of all the threats he made against me and how it would ruin my life and ruin the life of everyone that I knew if I didn’t keep supporting him," she said. She added that the father forced her to confess to having sex in school.