2007_03_marshalikfuneral.jpgPolice officers from both the regular and auxiliary force attended a second funeral in two days for a slain auxiliary police officer killed during a Greenwich Village rampage. Nineteen-year-old Eugene Marshalik was remembered at a funeral in Brooklyn by friends, family members, fellow cops, and city officials.

Marshalik was remembered as a high achiever and someone dedicated to helping others. Mayor Bloomberg said, "He was a steadfast protector of his community, who would warn residents of burglary patterns in the neighborhood and make sure everyone got home safe at night. He had a sense of purpose that went beyond his years." Police Commissioner Kelly said, "His supervisor in the program used to tease him about sleeping with the auxiliary police training guide under his pillow, because he knew it cold." And his younger brother Max said, "Eugene separated himself from us by going to Bay Academy; none of us could pass the exam,. He went on to Stuyvesant [High School] - again, none of us could pass the exam - then to NYU, where our chances are better, since there's no entrance exam."

Marshalik's partner, Nicholas Pekearo, who was also killed by gunman David Garvin, was buried yesterday. Marshalik and Pekearo both received funerals with full police honors, though they were volunteers. And State Senator Eric Adams, former NYPD officer, is proposing a bill to legislate bullets.

Photograph of police officers saluting the coffin of auxiliary police officer Eugene Marshalik in Brooklyn yesterday by Shiho Fukada/AP