Ooh, the NY Times reports that Senator Hillary Clinton had lunch with former Senator Al D'Amato and former Mayor Ed Koch yesterday at the Four Seasons, which Four Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini likened to "the Second Coming of Christ." And how, as D'Amato is a notable Republican power player. Apparently the trio have lunch at least once a year, and Clinton picked up this meal's check.

D'Amato and Koch told the Times' Patrick Healy what they discussed: How John McCain would probably get the Republican nomination with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani as his running mate; how they believe Clinton would win the Democratic nomination; and how Senator Barack Obama wouldn't make it to the convention.

“You always have a flavor-of-the-month candidate — at one point it was Governor Warner of Virginia, now it’s what’s-his-name, Obama — but that’s not going to hold up to a campaign by Senator Clinton,” Mr. D’Amato said. “Though they may make a good one-two.”

The two men analyzed the Republican field and the dynamics of the race, they said, while Senator Clinton mostly listened, and avoided tipping her hand.

“She’s a marvelous listener, and Al is a wonderful talker,” Mr. Koch said. “It was a match made in heaven. I sat on the sidelines, waving to people who were waving at us.”

We wish Koch would write a review of the lunch for The Villager! Still, D'Amato made it clear he'd be supporting a Republican candidate in 2008.

Clinton has been making the rounds with various advisers and friends to discuss issues (most of them being her presidential aspirations). Her entertainment expenses for this stage will be bananas!