2006_01_bronfman.jpgPolice think a think a second car may been involved in the accident that killed wealthy socialite Andrea Bronfman on Monday. The official story, thus far, is that a livery cab turning left onto East 65th Street from Fifth hit Bronfman early in the morning. Newsday reports that witnesses say the livery driver hit her, but "the fatal blow was delivered by a second car, a black SUV." A witness said the livery cab "first hit the lady and the lady fell down on the street and then another truck hit the lady." The driver of the black SUV did get out of the car, but then left after the police arrived. The police do have the SUV's license plates and are looking for him. The livery cab driver has not been charged and claims he was driving at 5-7 MPH and that the light at 6:48AM, plus the weather, may have been to blame.

The NY Times has an obituary on Bronfman; she and husband Charles, the former co-chairman of Seagram, were active in many charities, especially ones for Jewish causes. And it seems that the 81 year old Bronx woman who was killed by a bus had slipped on the icy street; the Times reports she was a Holocaust survivor.